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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Frederick, MD

Honda Releases Info. About 2017 Clarity Plug-In, Too!

Electric vehicles are starting to gain popularity as the benefits become more pronounced and stations become more widely accessible – for example, there’s are multiple electric vehicle charging stations in Frederick, MD, alone. Shockley Honda wants to show you how easy it is to own an EV and how much it’ll save  you as the years go by, so come on in Monday through Saturday and speak with our knowledgeable staff!

Since the discontinuation of the Fit EV in 2014, we’ve all been waiting patiently for Honda to divulge some information about what’s coming next – and they have. And we want you to know all about the charging station for when the 2017 Clarity debuts later in 20171. You’ll find tons of charging stations, both High Power and Public Stations. High Power can be compared to Lighting Cables for cell phones – they put you at full capacity in no time! Notable points for charging include the Monocacy MARC Train Station and the Royal Farms Store. Top on the list has to be the MOM’s Organic Market – which goes so far as boast one of the really awesome High Power Stations. While you’re shopping for all of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and juices, just plug your vehicle in and it’ll be charged and ready to hit the road again in no time! We'll be happy to show you how, too!

When it comes to finding electric vehicle charging stations in Fredericksburg, MD, it’s as simple as a single Google® search. You can also use Plug Share for an easy, convenient, and quick way to see all of the options throughout Maryland – it will even tell you if the plugs are in use currently! Honda has released a few details about the new Clarity EV, which will come in three different types: the Fuel Cell, a Plug-In (EV), and a gas-electric mix. The Clarity Plug-In is anticipated to have a 40 mile all-electric driving range2, which will work out just fine for Maryland dwellers – there are stations just about everywhere you go.  The Clarity will also come standard with the Honda SensingTM Suite, an exemplary example of Honda’s mission to ensure safety on every single drive.

In case you were worried about purchasing an EV because you weren’t sure if you could find electric vehicle charging stations in Frederick, MD, we at Shockley Honda are here to tell you not to be! Banish that worry. There are plenty of stations, free of charge, to use, and so many benefits to be reaped from driving an all-electric vehicle. Give us a call at 301-245-0861 if you have any questions about EVs, or want to talk about the 2017 Clarity! We hope to hear from you soon! 

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